Future: The new album

This 3rd opus by Sébastien AOUT tackles the future. What could be more abstract than this notion of time, this vague hope of a better world, of a utopia to be built?

Each of the nine tracks on this album takes us on a dream of hope, wide open spaces and lunar journeys.

The inspirations are obviously Jean-Michel Jarre, Daft Punk, Moby, Air, Vangelis. Classical influences collide in disco, electroacoustics, house and sound synthesis.

The cover of the album is an original artwork from MollyRoselee

1. Future: 1 (2'43)
2. Future: 2 (5'38)
3. Future: 3 (2'42), thanking Jordi Bertran, composer of El Salt de la té, for his kind permission
4. Future: 4 (5'41)
5. Future: 5 (4'17)
6. Future: 6 (4'48)
7. Future: 7 (3'28)
8. Future: 8 (3'33)
9. Future: Last (5'02)