The Future is an abstract and intangible notion. What could be more similar to these notions than music? With his new album "Future:", Sébastien Aout takes you towards an optimistic and timeless future where hope mixes with melancholy. 

Influenced by Jarre, Rone, Air, Daft Punk, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Eric Serra, Space, Robert Miles, Art of noise, this adopted Brussels resident Sébastien Aout uses synthesizers, the sounds of nature, the crowd, and civilization to invent new sound environments. The result is a skillful electro-synthwave-pop mix whose rhythm will make you dance, while the melody will transport you to a better world. 

At the beginning
Immersed in classical music, pop, disco and variety in his childhood, Sébastien fell in love with a true passion when he discovered electronic music in the 90s. 

He then wanted to understand how all these strange sounds are produced, how emotion is transmitted through sounds. This passion mixed with his naturally creative spirit led him to create his own universe, to compose his own music, his own themes. 

The music, the sound environments are associated with images, scenarios that Sébastien represents when designing his albums. His images find a certain concretization in his video clips that he produces, associated with his music. 

Sébastien began in 1996, using a simple Bontempi keyboard, the composition of a theme on water. 
Water indeed has different states. It is found in the 4 Oceans, the Clouds, the Rain, the River, The Water of Life, the Concerto For a Loch. It is sometimes calm and relaxing, sometimes powerful and dangerous. Sébastien's desire with this album was to reflect these different states. 

For this, Sébastien drew on the noises of the seabed, wind, rain and thunderstorms, scripted them in his music created on synthesizers and let himself be carried by the images of his imagination by making them concrete in his sounds.

At the same time and following on from H2EAUX, Sébastien then focused on Civilization. How to use the mechanical noises, of the city, of people to make them musically exploitable? How to share his vision, his hopes and fears on modern civilization? This album is the sought-after answer to his questions. 

The album has some biblical references to it in some ways. It begins with Genesis, stops abruptly with The Judgment Day, and ends with the memory of Life. This album also contains a reference to the Crusades, a purely philharmonic piece with a warrior spirit into which the lyrics, sung by vocoded choirs, denounce religious wars. 

Between Genesis and the Judgment Day, this album takes us on a Long Way, the place of Energy, the Cities, then towards a Utopia. 

Key date
"Future: Last (Oxynox Field Mix)" is out on CD in Solstices
"Future:" is out 
"Future: 4" is released on almost all streaming platforms 
"Future: 8" is released on almost all streaming platforms 
"Future: 6" is released on almost all streaming platforms 
"Civilization" is out 
"Cities" is out
H2EAUX is out